1 Peter 3:15

Raise Strong Christian Kids in a Woke World.

Biblical Family Virtues: A comprehensive online curriculum that gives parents tools and confidence to raise their families rooted in God and biblical virtue. Navigate the challenges of our modern society and strengthen your child's Christian faith for today and their entire future.


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Kids need to be prepared.

An hour of church once a week isn't cutting it. Children need continual, Christ-centered guidance so they can become resilient followers of Christ. Biblically Centered has created a simple, practical curriculum to help you tackle your child's spiritual formation and become the spiritual leader in your home.

We will help you:

  • Erase anxiety and fear
  • Feel equipped and confident
  • Have a weekly game plan for your family
  • Establish strong family dynamics
  • Enjoy meaningful spiritual conversations
  • Raise strong virtuous Christian children

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"My wife and I were absolutely blown away by Biblically Centered and the amount of quality resources and practical tools for our family. We believe the ripple effects from BC (in our family and others) will produce insightful and equipped disciples that will impact the world for generations to come."

- Blake B. (Fort Worth, TX)

"This dynamic duo have a fierce love for God, a deep passion for raising up their kiddos in knowing the Lord, and are undeniably dedicated to pursuing Him and furthering His Kingdom. The work the Jordans have done, through intense reading and research, incredible resource construction, and powerful content, anyone could see that God is leading them in their pursuit to give people biblical knowledge."

- Julia B. (Wichita, KS)

"Danika & Jonny have done an outstanding job in crafting comprehensive resources that are filled with wisdom and guidance. Embrace this transformative journey and watch as your family flourishes with the depth and purpose that comes from living out the virtues of God."

- Amber R. (Wichita, KS)

We're Jonny & Danika Jordan

We know that raising children with strong Christian faith and biblical virtue requires more than just good intentions. The eternal significance of getting their spiritual formation right is terrifying. It is probably the most unnerving part of parenthood.

You might have "turned out okay." But did that really equip you enough to raise your children to be strong Christians in today's woke culture? Your kids desperately need something solid and robust to help them navigate the world while being rooted in God and maintaining biblical virtue.

So, what's the solution? How can I give that to my kids? We're here to help. We created the Biblical Family Virtue curriculum to equip you with practical strategies and guidance on how to effectively teach your kids about God and to live virtuously. Set fear aside and be the steadfast parent your family can confidently turn to.

Imagine your family being more united, your children embracing their Christian faith with confidence, and your home becoming a strong refuge against the pressures of our subjective culture.

Click below for a free preview of our Biblical Family Virtue Curriculum!