1 Peter 3:15

Equip your family with knowledge and conversations to live and defend your Christian faith.

In a world where distractions abound and virtues are often diluted, Christian parents like you yearn for a solid foundation to raise biblically virtuous children with unwavering Christian faith.

Join a community of parents like you, who want to raise their kids to truly know God and who exhibit biblical virtue. You will gain biblical knowledge, have purposeful conversations with your family, live the Great commandment, and will be able to defend your Christian faith with confidence.

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Experience the Transformation of Faith and Character with 24 Biblical Family Virtues.

Do you want your children to have a better understanding of God and His statutes? Do you want to strengthen your family to help one another when one of you is stumbling?

Imagine if you were able to fully prepare your child to have biblical convictions for today's climate with ease and without fear!

Why should I join?

Affectionate and loving mixed race family sitting together. Happy family with two daughters hugging their mother and bonding at home. Two little girls enjoying a happy childhood with mom and dad

If you desire something more concrete to add to your Christian parenting arsenal, don't look any further! The Biblically Centered community is focused around our 24 Biblical Family Virtues and provides you with a blueprint for daily family living. You will have a clear outline of how to live a biblical worldview and learn how to redirect attitudes and actions back to God's Word. You will be equipped to have deeper and more meaningful conversations with each of your children which will serve as building blocks for their strong Christian foundation.

  • 24 Biblical Family Virtues Course
    With 24 carefully crafted biblical virtues for your family to follow, you'll be equipped to guide your family to "live like Christ." Each virtue includes apologetic statements and questions for 3 learning levels so you can layer your child's knowledge and understanding so they gain biblical wisdom.
  • Biblically Centered Community
    Find other like-minded believers following biblical virtue so you can gain support and encouragement. This community will focus on one virtue a week so we can all be working to foster that virtue in our homes together.

How to set biblical standards for your family.



Each week we'll focus on one of the 24 Biblical Family Virtues so that you can promote it to your children.



Your interaction with the community will provide you with knowledge and conversations that are age-appropriate for your child's learning level so that you can solidify that virtue.



Repeat these steps until your children are grown and beyond!

Time with your kids is limited.

Use it to build godly character and their Christian faith!