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The Biblical Family Virtues Curriculum

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  • Character Building
    You want to influence and direct your child's spiritual and moral character. Don't let the world instill values in your child, instead infuse God's Word and objective virtue into their hearts.
  • Weekly Game Plan
    Christian parents can no longer rely on one-hour of church a week. You'll get a plan of what virtue to be intentional with each week. This allows you to have peace of mind you're covering everything, instead of wondering if they're catching it all.
  • Virtue Summaries
    Instead of just "that's what the Bible says," you'll be equipped with exactly what to say based on your child's age so that they can grasp what you're teaching them.
  • Open-Ended Questions
    You'll have meaningful conversations each week. By opening the door of communication, you'll create an environment of trust with your children.
  • Strong Family Dynamics
    Passing your faith to your children is more than them just knowing what to believe; they have to have it modeled so they can make the decision for themselves. When they see you "living like Christ," it will make their faith decision that much easier and stronger.

The Biblical Family Virtues curriculum.

In order to give our children a strong biblical worldview, we must offer them a robust upbringing in our Christian faith. Repetitive laying of the Biblical Family Virtues will provide your children with the strength they need to withstand the world and to hold fast to Christ.


An Introduction to Biblical Virtue

Understanding why definitions matter and how to demonstrate biblical virtue to your kids is imperative. We'll tell you how to start implementing our curriculum right away so you can see how important it is to layer week by week.


How Do You Perceive Biblical Virtue?

Let's do some digging and figure out what YOU want YOUR kids to know about biblical virtue. We help you think about how you were raised and discuss a better way to creating a solid foundation of faith for your child.


Learning Stages in Children: The Classical Method

Does it really matter what age my kid is? Don't I just tell them about Jesus? Well, yes, and no. We will show you why understanding your child's learning level will equip you for more meaningful conversations and to see how they will grow at each developmental age.


How We Respond to God: Virtues A-D

These four virtues are extremely robust and show us how to live rightly oriented to God. When our children can understand the fullness of God, then the rest of the virtues will be outward signs of an inner heart change directed towards Him.


How We Make Choices: Virtues E-I

When our hearts are centered on God, then our natural response will be to align our choices to what He desires. The goal of this category is to develop spiritual wholeness and health.


How We Make Choices: Virtues E-I

When our hearts are centered on God, then our natural response will be to align our choices to what He desires. The goal of this category is to develop spiritual wholeness and health.


How We Exemplify Christ: Virtues J-M

These virtues cover "attitudes," and can be an indicator of the state of our hearts. This category will help you point all behaviors back to God and to cultivate healthy hearts that treat people well.


How We Conduct Our Lives: Virtues N-Q

We have the privilege to work at everything for the glory of God. This category helps to cultivate a whole-hearted faith that spreads from our hearts to everything we do.


How We Treat Others: Virtues R-U

As we allow biblical virtue to take root in our hearts, our whole lives will be transformed to echo the heart of God. Love, unselfishness, truthfulness, and fellowship with other believers will prime us to share the Gospel.


How We Care for Our Things: Virtues V-Z

God has given us our possessions, thoughts, physical bodies, and our Christian faith. When these virtues are disciplined we will find ourselves laying up treasures in Heaven, and not on earth. This category leads to a life full of peace rooted in God.


Poster, Weekly Focus Calendar, Category Summaries, Open-Ended Questions

We give you everything you need to center your family around God and biblical virtue. Our Biblical Family Virtue poster is an easy reference point for your whole family. Focusing on a separate virtue each week helps layer your child's foundation and links our community together. Each virtue has a printable containing summaries and open-ended questions to enhance your family time.


Resource Library

We share TONS of printables with you so you can get the most out of each week. From Scripture to virtue memory, to handwriting practice, and even more materials to make each virtue concrete; we make it easy to incorporate the Biblical Family Virtues into however much time you have to commit each week.

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"My wife and I were absolutely blown away by Biblically Centered and the amount of quality resources and practical tools for our family. We believe the ripple effects from BC (in our family and others) will produce insightful and equipped disciples that will impact the world for generations to come."

- Blake B. (Fort Worth, TX)

"This dynamic duo have a fierce love for God, a deep passion for raising up their kiddos in knowing the Lord, and are undeniably dedicated to pursuing Him and furthering His Kingdom. The work the Jordans have done, through intense reading and research, incredible resource construction, and powerful content, anyone could see that God is leading them in their pursuit to give people biblical knowledge."

- Julia B. (Wichita, KS)

"Danika & Jonny have done an outstanding job in crafting comprehensive resources that are filled with wisdom and guidance. Embrace this transformative journey and watch as your family flourishes with the depth and purpose that comes from living out the virtues of God."

- Amber R. (Wichita, KS)


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